Saudi Arabia Invitation Translation

Travelling to Saudi Arabia? 

Obtaining a Saudi Arabian visa can be a complex process. Visa applications are often completed incorrectly due to variances between the official invitation (which is in Arabic), the application form itself and the Australian business letter in relation to the purpose of journey, the applicant’s profession and the name and address of the inviting organisation. This can cause significant delay in obtaining the visa.

For a nominal fee, Visalink is able to provide an English translation of the official invitation to assist you in completing the application form and the drafting of the Australian Company’s business letter, thus ensuring a seamless visa application process.

Steps to obtain an English translation of your Saudi Arabian official invitation through Visalink:

  • Option 1 (recommended): Submit your visa application order online and upload a scanned copy of the authorisation/invitation securely at prior to sending your application to us. We will send you the translation via encrypted email with instructions on how to decrypt the file within 1 working day to assist you with compiling the required documentation and completing the Saudi Arabian visa application form.
  • Option 2: Submit your visa application order online, send us your application documentation and passport. On receipt of your documentation we will have the authorisation/invitation translated and advise you if there are any inconsistencies with the Australian business letter and/or visa application form.

If you have any questions please contact Visalink by email at [email protected] or call +61 3 9673 1500 

Ready to apply for your visa?  Visit Saudi Arabia Visa where you can view the requirements for entry and get the forms you need to apply.  

  1. Want to see what a Saudi Arabia visa looks like?  See Sample Visas to see the information it contains. 

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