Sample of the Business Travel Requirements for a Saudi Arabia Visa for Australian Citizens

  1. Document Requirements

    Upon placing your order Visalink will send you details for the following document requirements:

    • Passport
    • Photographs
    • Application form
    • Business Introduction Letter
    • Declaration Form
    • Biometrics Undertaking

  2. Attestation

    The original Australian Business Introduction letter must be attested by the Australian Chamber of Commerce. The attestation process will take 24-48 hours in addition to the visa processing time. Additional fees will apply for this service.                                                    

  3. Consular Fees

    Visalink will pay the required consular fees on your behalf following the successful submission of the documentation at your appointment. The total price of your visa will depend on a number of factors, including the nationality of the traveller, the visa type and any additional services used. The full cost will be detailed on your invoice.

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